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Menstrual pain relief electric heating

Menstrual pain relief electric heating

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Stylish and discreet, you can take it with you or wear it while traveling by air.

Work quietly under your clothes and don't distract you.

The first speed, the temperature is about 40 ᄚ C; the second speed, the temperature is about 55 ᄚ C; the third speed, the temperature is about 65 ᄚ C.

Easily press the button and gently press to change the heating level, providing the precise heat needed for comfort and comfort, comfortably catching a cold and enjoying the heat.

Heat and maintain a constant amount of heat in seconds to quickly relieve the pain of menstrual cramps.

The Velcro Flexible heating pad can be stretched to fit the natural curve of your body.

Dressed in everyday tasks and activities, it will remain firm without any slippage. In everyday activities, you can comfortably wear a lumbar heating pad under your clothes.

It can be recharged with a portable external battery, USB wall charger, laptop and car charger to ease your pain wherever you are.

Product specifications:

Material: Lycra

Voltage: 5 V.

Power: 5 watts

Size: 101 * 11.2 cm

3 heating settings:

The first speed is about 45 ᄚC.

The second speed is about 55 ᄚC

The third speed is about 65 ᄚC.

Graphene is known to have excellent thermal conductivity, and it is a material with high thermal conductivity at room temperature.

Packing list:

1 *Electric heating

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