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I tried the small pad and it was comfortable.  I tried the largest pad that I bought and I felt it was too long, since I am a slim woman.  But they more comfortable than regular pads.-         -Evette Anderson, NYC-


I was so happy that I got my reusable cloth pads. I am can wash them and they absorb like new each time. I feel secure knowing that I don't have chemicals to deal with and having to buy pads on a continual basis. The Quality is wonderful as well. I would recommend Sherpax pads to every woman.  

- Raven White,At Wildwood Institute of Health, Director of Project Development and Co-founder, with Jesus, of The Project 144 Agency 


Absolutely!! your pads saved me this week. My period is acting up again thanks to PCOS and Endo and so I started bleeding at my cousin's wedding.... luckily I put the two smaller ones in a wet bag as perfect emergency ones to leave in my bag and the moderate one lasted till I got home.

                     - Grace, Tiktok influencer @mammapaddie




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