Breaking Boundaries: The Resilience of a Black Woman Entrepreneur in Menstrual Care

Breaking Boundaries: The Resilience of a Black Woman Entrepreneur in Menstrual Care


In a world where periods are often hushed, and menstrual care is overlooked, one determined black woman is breaking barriers and embracing the journey of entrepreneurship. Meet Sherrie Evans, the visionary founder of Sherpax, a menstrual pad company with a mission to empower women and transform the period care narrative.

Facing Stigmas and Struggles: Sherrie's journey towards launching Sherpax has been a testament to her unwavering determination and strength. As a black woman in a predominantly male-dominated industry, she encountered skepticism and faced stigmas surrounding women's health products. However, fueled by her passion and commitment to women's well-being, Sherrie pressed on, defying the odds and blazing a trail for future entrepreneurs.

The Supply Chain Setback: As Sherrie geared up for the highly anticipated launch of Sherpax on July 16, 2023, unforeseen supply chain challenges arose. A disappointment, indeed, as it meant the original date could not be realized. However, in the face of adversity, Sherrie remained undeterred. She knew that setbacks were a part of any entrepreneurial journey, and she chose to see them as opportunities for growth and learning.

Embracing the Spirit of Resilience: Despite the temporary setback, Sherrie remains optimistic and continues to work tirelessly to bring Sherpax to the forefront of menstrual care. She understands that launching a business is no easy feat, and it requires patience, perseverance, and unwavering dedication. Sherrie's journey has been one of resilience, and she hopes to inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women of color, to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

An Exciting Future:

As Sherpax readies itself for the much-anticipated launch, the excitement among the team and supporters is palpable. Sherrie envisions Sherpax as a brand that not only provides quality menstrual care products but also fosters a sense of empowerment and community among women. Her commitment to giving back to the community, including donating cloth pad kits to homeless shelters and women in need, further exemplifies her passion for making a difference.


Sherrie Evans, the embodiment of strength and resilience, is transforming the narrative surrounding menstrual care. Her journey as a black woman entrepreneur navigating stigmas and supply chain challenges showcases her tenacity and determination. As the launch of Sherpax approaches, the anticipation grows, and the world eagerly awaits the positive impact this trailblazing company will make in the realm of women's health and sustainability.

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